Friday, January 7, 2011

Quick Tricks: Easy water-resistant bottle labels

As it seems that Moose Flu is not so easily gotten rid of, today’s post is a quick and easy craft. In fact, it is so easy that it can be done while in a groggy, fever-induced state. How’s that for an endorsement?

As many before us, Moose and I have been captured by the siren’s call that is Costco. As a result, we have been known to buy olive oil in two litre containers. Since I’m tired of having that huge jug on our counter, I decided to use an old condiment bottle instead. To jazz up the bottle a bit, a label seemed in order. But how to make a label that wouldn’t get ruined by any spilled drops of oil or any random cooking splatters? The answer came in the form of self-laminating sheets from our local office supply store. Now the bottle is adorned with a water resistant label that can be wiped off as needed.

·      Sheet of white text paper
·      Sheet of self-laminating film (example here)

·      Computer
·      Printer
·      Paper trimmer

1.     Measure the circumference of your bottle to determine how long the label should be. Determine the height you’d like your label to be and subtract one inch.

2.     Using the measurements from step one, create a label on your computer with design software (or Word). Print the label.

3.     Use a paper trimmer to cut the label to size. Trim the self-laminating sheet so that it is one inch higher and one inch longer than the paper label.

4.     Peel the liner from the self-laminating sheet, exposing the adhesive. Place the paper label face down on the adhesive, making sure the paper is centered (there should be a 1/2” border of adhesive all around the paper).

5.     Carefully wrap the label around the bottle.

That’s it! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to fall back into bed. Seeing as I have no plans to allow the devious Moose Flu to keep me incapacitated for much longer, I’ll see you all again on Monday *knocks on wood*.

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  1. We too use a smaller bottle because we buy in bulk, I love the idea of adding a label, I will have to do that. I also picked up (from the dollar store no less) an alcohol pouring spout. You know those fanny little spouts bars add to their bottles to get an exact pour. Well turns out if you add one of those to the top of your bottle (I used a red wine vinegar bottle) you can get a perfect drizzle of oil instead of a water fall. It prevents accidents and allows me to use it for everything.
    BTW would you mind if I did a little cross promo using your label suggestion on my cooking site?